Community Involvement

On the afternoon of September 4, 2011, two fires started near Bastrop State Park in the communities of Circle D-KC Estates and the Tahitian Village. These fires , fueled by high winds and this summer’s exceptional drought, spread quickly leaving many people with only minutes to gather there most prized possessions.

The aftermath left more than 34,000 acres burned and just over 1,300 homes destroyed. On September 8th, the AFS team committed themselves to gathering donations for these victims, and within a few days had collected more than $5000 in donations and/or cash.

Members of AFS left early one Saturday morning with two full trucks of donations, and later that week a second trip was made with another full truck. It was so humbling to see the caring hearts in our community. With so much appreciation, AFS would like to thanks the individuals involved for their caring and giving hearts.


Members of AFS left early on Sat.
morning with 2 trucks of donations


More than 34,000 acres burned and
just over 1,300 homes destroyed